IAOA membership entitles to substantial reductions in registration costs (see table) that exceed the membership costs in most cases. Please note that the registration is currently closed, but will re-open in July. You can however already register for FOIS and its satellites as an IAOA member if you either have an active membership or if you plan to obtain one until the time of the conference. IAOA membership will be checked directly by the conference organisation. Should you register with IAOA reduction without having an active membership by the time of the conference, the difference in fees will be collected on site at registration.

The online registration form offers 3 options for registration: FOIS 2018 (with or without JOWO workshops and tutorials), combined FOIS + ISAO 2018, and ISAO 2018 standalone.

Please see the registration fee breakdown below on compact overview. Note that registration fees in Euros are for indicative purposes only (with the 1:15 typical exchange rate), as payment is to be made in ZAR.

Early Registration Up to 15 July 2018 and Late Registration From 16 July 2018.


To register, click here:

For more information on ISAO 2018, please visit the website