List of Accepted Papers


Adrien Barton, Olivier Grenier, Ludger Jansen and Jean-Francois Ethier. The identity of dispositions

Boyan Brodaric and Michael Gruninger. Particular Types and Particular Dependence

Roberta Ferrario, Claudio Masolo and Daniele Porello. Organisations as complex variable embodiments

Antony Galton. The Treatment of Time in Upper Ontologies

Aldo Gangemi, Mehwish Alam and Valentina Presutti. Amnestic Forgery: an Ontology of Conceptual Metaphors

Michael Gruninger, Bahar Aameri, Carmen Chui, Torsten Hahmann and Yi Ru. Foundational Ontologies for Units of Measure

Torsten Hahmann. On Decomposition Operations in Multidimensional Qualitative Space

Henriette Harmse, Katarina Britz and Aurona Gerber. Informative Armstrong RDF Datasets for n-ary Relations

C. Maria Keet and Langa Khumalo. On the ontology of part-whole relations in Zulu language and culture

João Rafael Moraes Nicola and Giancarlo Guizzardi. A formal characterization of individual determinancy and universal sortality in the Unified Foundational Ontology

Claudio Masolo and Daniele Porello. A compact representation of complex concepts

Claudio Masolo and Laure Vieu. Graph-Based Approaches to Structural Universals and Complex States of Affairs

Joao Moreira, Luis Ferreira Pires, Marten van Sinderen and Laura M. Daniele. SAREF4health: IoT standard-based ontology-driven healthcare systems

Tiago Prince Sales, Daniele Porello, Giancarlo Guizzardi, John Mylopoulos and Nicola Guarino. Ontological Foundations of Competition



Pawel Garbacz, Bogumił Szady and Agnieszka Ławrynowicz. Identity criteria for localities

Oliver Kutz, Nicolas Troquard, Maria Hedblom and Daniele Porello. The Mouse and the Ball: Towards a cognitively-based and ontologically-grounded logic of agency

Alessandro Mosca, Fernando Roda and Guillem Rull. UNiCS: The ontology for Research and Innovation policy making

Emilio Sanfilippo, Loic Jeanson, Farouk Belkadi, Florent Laroche and Alain Bernard. Nominal and actual qualities in ontologies for engineering

Stefan Schulz and Ludger Jansen. Towards an ontology of religious and spiritual belief