Industry track

We invite submissions from industry on the industrial application of ontologies and semantic technology. Contributions from industry may take the form of demonstrations or formal papers, or a combination of the two. Papers will be published in the proceedings for the Workshop component of FOIS, the Joint Ontology WOrkshops (JOWO 2018).

Formal papers and demonstrations should be related to the topics of interest of the main FOIS conference. The scope for papers and demonstrations includes software for the ontology lifecycle as well as ontology-based software, for example:

  • Computational environments and prototypes for ontological engineering
  • Practical ontology projects
  • Advances in applying ontologies and lessons learned
  • Late-breaking results of innovative uses of ontology-based and/or ontology engineering techniques
  • Use of ontology in industrial and business applications
  • Ontological representations of software engineering techniques and frameworks
  • Industry and enterprise ontologies and ontology standards e.g. finance, biomedical
  • Regulatory and compliance applications of ontology
  • Ontology driven software engineering
  • Deriving ontology applications from business concept (reference) ontologies
  • Use of ontologies in machine learning, natural language processing or artificial intelligence,
  • Use of ontologies in linked data or in Semantic Web based inference processing applications
  • Findings about the nature and style of ontology needed for a given type of industrial application

In line with the scope and audience of FOIS and JOWO, papers and demonstrations should indicate the ontological motivations/principles for the presented technical application or solution.

The submission should also answer these questions:

  • What is the research background and application context of the paper or demonstration?
  • For whom is it most interesting/useful? (e.g., for business data owners, corporate compliance officers or other corporate stakeholders, ontology researchers, ontology developers, ontology practitioners, and/or for graduate or undergraduate students?)
  • What are the key technologies used and what are the technical challenges addressed?

In addition, these points should be considered:

  • How does the system, application or infrastructure relate to pre-existing work and what is its contribution to ontology research?
  • The specific use or uses of ontology in the application (if an application is described)
  • Whether any given ontology formally describes real things or data about things
  • The logical formalism in which any given ontology is framed
  • Relationship of the ontology to application data if any
  • Ontology development techniques followed
  • Use or non-use of upper ontologies, along with rationale for same
  • Ontology quality or assessment measures followed, if any
  • Any other considerations relating to the application of semantics or model theory in any given ontology e.g. formal ontological stances (realism, nominalism etc.)

Formal Papers

We invite formal paper submissions relevant to the area of ontology and related information systems and which address the topics of the FOIS Conference. Technical reports on ontology-based software systems (free or commercial), descriptions of completed work, and work in progress are all welcome, as are papers on industry ontologies, standards and regulatory applications.

Authors must submit a paper that should be between 6 to 10 pages in the FOIS format.

All paper submissions will undergo a common review process alongside those for demonstrations. Formal papers for which it is intended that there is also a demonstration component should clearly indicate this in the abstract. Accepted papers will be published in the JOWO Workshop Proceedings.


The FOIS 2018 Industry Track Demo Sessions are designed to provide an exciting and highly interactive way to demonstrate ontology research. This element of the Industry Track complements the overall program of the FOIS conference and is an excellent forum to advertise the applicability of results and software, as well as to receive feedback from the international ontology research community.

Demonstrations are intended to showcase innovative formal ontology related implementations and technologies in industry. Demonstrations of ontology-based software systems (free or commercial), whether these are completed work or work in progress, are all welcome.

We explicitly welcome entries from commercial providers. However, submissions for demonstrations should go beyond pure advertisements of commercial software packages and convey some scientific contribution.

Demonstrations should make clear what will be demonstrated and in particular point out what makes the demonstration a novel showcase. Submitters should further specify the following:

  • What exactly will be demonstrated?
  • What will attendees of the demonstration learn?
  • How does the demonstrated system, application or infrastructure relate to pre-existing work?
  • Why is it a novel showcase in ontology research?

Authors must submit an extended abstract for evaluation. This should ideally run to two or three pages and should be at most 5 pages. All demonstration submissions will undergo a common review process alongside formal papers. Authors are strongly encouraged to include in their submission a link to where the demo (live or recorded video) can be found. They should also make clear what exactly will be demonstrated to the participants.

Submission Details (Papers and Demonstrations)

All submissions must be made electronically via the EasyChair conference submission system at: (please, select ‘Demo and Industry Trackā€™).

Demonstration descriptions and formal papers shall be submitted non-anonymously in PDF format. Formal papers shall follow IOS Press formatting guidelines found at

For demonstrations it is possible to present remotely if necessary, but at least one of the presenters must be a registered participant at the conference. Authors of formal papers are required both to register and to attend and present their paper in person at the FOIS conference.


Industry and Demo Track Submissions due: 25 June 2018 EXTENDED TO 9 JULY 2018

Notifications: 25 July 2018

Camera-ready versions due: 15 Aug 2018